‘Where’s Pablo?’ off to a great start


Hannia (pictured above), an incoming sixth grader, was inspired to visit all 23 businesses in one day to collect Where’s Pablo playing cards. Her mom was swept up by her enthusiasm and took a day off to embark on the Pablo adventure.

Where’s Pablo? takes you all around San Pablo to various businesses where no purchase is necessary. You just need to spot Pablo.

“I was excited to collect the playing cards, and went to all the places, so I could get the Pablo plushie and enter to win the ice cream party with Pablo,” said Hannia.

“She wanted to play so badly that I took the day off work,” said Hannia’s mom. “I’m really tired, but it was worth it.”

Where’s Pablo is proudly sponsored by 1st Nor Cal Credit Union, San Pablo EDC, San Pablo Police Department and the City of San Pablo.

“We love seeing people connect with businesses and exploring the local community,” said Reggie Campbell, Vice President & Richmond branch manager, of 1st Nor Cal Credit Union.

Anyone can play. As you visit businesses on the Where’s Pablo’s map, let staff know when you spot Pablo and they’ll give you a playing card. Turn in your cards to San Pablo PD, 13880 San Pablo Ave, for prizes and enter a grand prize drawing.

Seven cards from seven different locations score you a Pablo plushie. 10 cards will get you a hand-drawn family caricature portrait and 12 cards net you a chance to win an ice cream party with Pablo. What better reason to explore the City of San Pablo?