Chevron and Richmond: a century of partnership


By John Harper

For the past 116 years, our refinery has fostered a strong relationship with the City of Richmond.

Built on a peninsula of low hills rising from San Francisco Bay, the Richmond Refinery became the West Coast’s largest and most advanced plant upon its completion in July 1902. And its presence helped to transform the small community of Richmond. The two grew up together and have shared a common history.

For the past century, Chevron has been part of Richmond’s social and economic fabric – through two world wars, the Great Depression and natural disasters such as the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.


Throughout the years, we have made lasting contributions to help meet the community’s needs through our social investment programs which today include support for educational and training programs that prepare young people for the demands of a changing workplace.

The refinery has also made great strides in maintaining high standards of health, safety and environmental protection for our refinery and the community. We recognize the essential need to maintain our place as a unique facility in a special location.

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John Harper is the Chevron Historian