33-unit Tara Hills townhomes project faces opposition

    The site of a proposed 33 unit townhomes complex on San Pablo Avenue and OHatch Drive in the Tara Hills neighborhood. (Photo credit: Google maps)
    A 33-unit townhome project along San Pablo Avenue in the Tara Hills/Montalvin Manor neighborhood is facing opposition from neighbors.


    1. Thank you for creating this well written article! I am one of the appellants. I am trying desperately to get media attention, such as a newspaper reporter or other media reporter to attend this Wednesday night (9/11) and produce an article in the papers or on TV. Can you make any recommendations on a newspaper, radio or TV station who might take on such a small story? The county did not give us much time to prepare for this hearing and we are scrambling to get attendees, comments sent in, and get the media involved.


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