Online fundraiser launched for longtime San Pablo family


Hard-working and proud, San Pablo residents Yolanda and Keefe Cochran would never ask for help, and so LaToya, their concerned niece from Texas, has taken it upon herself to do it for them.

LaToya Cochran has launched an online fundraiser to assist her uncle and aunt, longtime San Pablo foster parents who have fallen on hard times due to Yolanda’s battle with Lupus, a chronic autoimmune disease.

Lupus Awareness Month was in May, an opportunity to educate the public about a little-known disease that can damage any part of the body and is incurable. 

For Yolanda, Lupus has taken away her ability to participate in her longtime home-based business, Smiling Star Childcare & Preschool.

“The disease has attacked her genes for mobility and she is confined to a wheelchair,” LaToya said. “Yolanda has endured many treatments which include chemotherapy type drugs, a bone marrow transplant, and experimental treatments in San Francisco.”

Yolanda’s daycare center is on the verge of shuttering its doors due to low enrollment and her husband has taken taken medical leave from his job, and thus now brings home just 40-percent of his usual income.

“The Cochran family is now in a crisis,” LaToya said. “With the mounting costs or medications and growing children, they are in need of financial help.”

The Cochrans have three adopted children.

“Neither Yolanda nor Keefe would never ask for assistance so I am doing my part all the way from Texas,” LaToya said.

Anyone wishing to assist should visit this gofundme account.


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