Adorable Alert: Milo Foundation has new cats, dogs


cutekittencutepupAnimal rescue group The Milo Foundation on Tuesday welcomed a new cast of adorable cats and dogs to its Point Richmond adoption center.

The two images on the left are just a few of the “beautiful creatures” who are new to The Milo Foundation. You can view more images of them here.

The animals have “sweet temperaments” with “playful and silly dispositions,” according to the foundation.

Now the hope is that Bay Area residents will adopt them.

The Milo Foundation is a “no-kill” nonprofit organization that provides sanctuary for homeless animals in Northern California until permanent homes can be found. Along with its 5,000 square-foot adoption center at 200 S. Gerard Blvd., the Milo Foundation has a 283-acre sanctuary in Mendocino County where the animals have room to roam.


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