Richmond author to teach and research public health in Nigeria


Richmond resident and author Dr. Raymond Chimezie, who has promoted health education at schools in his local community as well as in Africa, has announced that he is headed to Nigeria on a Fulbright scholarship in order to teach and conduct research.

Chimezie says he heads out in July and will both teach at a university and research solutions to the shortage of medical doctors in Nigeria, particularly in rural areas.

“While there, I will be looking for collaboration with international organizations to help improve rural health education and reach out to schools,” Chimezie said. “I have been supporting school health in the West Contra Costa School district and intend to continue doing so in Nigeria. My grant will last for one year.”

This work is similar to programs Chimezie launched both in Richmond schools (see programs here and here) and previously in Nigeria. He has authored the book, Primary Healthcare in Nigeria: Overview, Challenges, and Prospects, which was released last year.


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