Richmond Resident Champions Richmond on Morning Radio Show

Richmond resident shares his love of Richmond on KQED's "Perspectives"

Richmond resident Terence Krista shared his love of Richmond this morning on local public radio station KQED’s “Perspectives.”

“Would it be possible, just maybe, kinda, sorta, to quit beating up on Richmond? You know, that little city at the end of the BART line?” implores Krista in his two-minute essay read over the air.

Krista, who was priced out of San Francisco before finding his way to Richmond, said most people in the Bay Area overlook Richmond as town full of problems. But for those who know and love it, Richmond is a city of treasures, from low crime rates to diversity and beauty, including “jaw dropping views” of San Francisco along the Marina Bay Trail.

“Richmond is sort of like the Bronx,” Krista said. “Everyone’s heard of it but nobody’s been there.”

To hear or read Terence Krista’s Perspective about Richmond, click here.


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