Mayor Tom Butt seeks candidates for three Richmond Housing Advisory Board vacancies

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A statement from Mayor Tom Butt’s e-forum:

One of the mayor’s jobs is appointing members of boards and commissions. Right now, our most urgent need is to fill three vacancies on the Housing Advisory Board, which provides advice to the board of the Housing Authority, which is the Richmond City Council.

The enabling legislation describes the role as follows:

The purpose of this commission is to advise the commissioners of the housing authority on all matters concerning the administration of the housing authority. The commission shall:

– Review the operations and proposed activities of the housing authority and submit recommendations to the commissioners of the housing authority. Final decisions with respect to such recommendations shall be made by the commissioners of the housing authority;

– Communicate with tenants and tenant organizations at the housing authority concerning housing problems and potential solutions;

– Establish and maintain working relationships with organizations responsible for public housing development in the city;

– Perform such duties as may from time to time be requested by the commissioners of the housing authority.

The Richmond Housing Authority has been in the news a lot lately and needs a full board as soon as possible. If you or someone you know is interested in applying you can download an application here: Board or commission application.

Board members do not have to live in Richmond, but should have pertinent background or experience in housing, which may include developer, investor, manager, public housing employee, maintenance or construction. Public housing residents are also welcome to apply.


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