Richmond Police Department responds to recent spate of violence

Toddler discovered walking alone on Ohio Avenue in Richmond

A statement from the Richmond Police Department:

There has been a pronounced increase in gun violence in the past two weeks within Richmond and surrounding areas. Several of shootings and one homicide occurred within city limits, some of them involving young people. The uptick in violence has been a ‘call to action’ for law enforcement officers and members of our community.

The impacted areas have included North Richmond (county area) which had a homicide, Belding Woods and parts of the Iron Triangle neighborhood, where Richmond had a homicide. The motivation for the street level violence varies greatly. Interpersonal conflicts, turf conflict between rival gang members, and some unintended targets are all a factor in the latest spike. When we see these patterns of violence escalate after a prolonged period of peace, it is disturbing, and a loss of life is always tragic. Violence involving young people deeply impacts our community. This is why the ways in which we respond to spikes in violence as a community is so important. Interrupting violence is not merely a law enforcement issue, it is a community issue. There are things that the community can do to help. This community can educate, promote healing, and send a message that violence is not something we will accept in our City.

What RPD Is doing
• We are actively investigating all the cases above, and working with cross jurisdictional partners
• We will use all resources available to interrupt the pattern of violence
• We are continuing to partner with Ceasefire advocates to reach out a message to those who are engaged in the violence
• We continue to work with community partners to provide information, resources, and elicit help from parents, friends and residents

What the Community Can Do
1.) We need your help. If you have information regarding any of these incidents, or information that could help identify the patterns, please contact police investigations. For Information on the Richmond homicide, please contact Detective Ellis at (510) 620-6647. For general information please contact Sgt. Smith (510) 620-6647 or Sgt. Johanson at (510) 620-6616
2.) Report suspicious activity to police immediately. (510) 233-1214 #0 from a cell phone
3.) Educate parents, family and friends on what is going on, and how they can get involved. Get involved with your neighborhood groups and civic organizations. You can start by sharing this information.
4.) If you know a young person in crisis, or at risk for involvement, do not remain silent. There are groups who focus on helping these young people disrupt violence. E-mail for more information
5.) Participate in local community peace rallies, and events to raise awareness and get the community rallied in unity for peace.
Upcoming Events
(Not organized by PD—community led efforts)
• Ceasefire is planning a night walk in the Belding Woods Neighborhood with Building Blocks for Kids parents. For more information, please contact Dulce Galicia
• Coaches will be uniting from around the East Bay to support a message of solidarity for the youth. This will be organized by Mark DeLuca and Rob Collins. They can be reached at (510) 388-6920


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