Greg Feere: Chevron Richmond modernization will boost worker safety, protect environment

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by Greg Feere, CEO for the Contra Costa Building and Construction Trades Council

Contra Costa Building Trades Unions and the Richmond community have a long history of working together to provide local jobs for residents and build projects that improve the quality of life for the Richmond community.

The Chevron Modernization Project is just such an effort. Modernization will provide a newer, safer, cleaner refinery that is better for workers and for the surrounding community. Worker safety is the top priority for our members.  The installation of more reliable equipment as proposed in the modernization project will improve worker safety at the refinery and  at the same time protect the environment.

Modernizing the refinery will create 1,000 new union construction jobs for area residents.  It will provide training opportunities and apprenticeships, giving residents an opportunity to learn a trade and gain a career.

There are several economic benefits to moving forward with modernization.  In addition to the good wages for the 1,000 construction workers who will modernize the refinery, local businesses will prosper from the increased support from the people who work at the refinery.  And studies show that approximately 2,500 secondary jobs will be created outside the refinery – jobs that benefit Richmond’s economy.

Our members not only work here, they live in Richmond.  For all of us the new jobs are extremely important.  But just as important are the other benefits of the project, such as reduced emissions as the refinery installs new equipment that uses modern technologies.

As the process for approval moves forward, it is our hope that the city council and Richmond residents will see this Modernization Project as an economic investment in jobs and an investment in a newer, cleaner and safer refinery that will benefit everyone in the Richmond community.

For more information on Chevron Richmond’s modernization, including the environmental impact report, visit



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