Richmond native Kenneth Walker III star of children’s book

Richmond native Kenneth Walker III now star of children's book
Child holds a copy of the new book, Never Give Up, the Kenneth Walker III Story.

Richmond native and professional football player Kenneth Walker III has lots going on.

Walker, who starred as a football player at Kennedy High, UCLA and played briefly for the Jacksonville Jaguars, has joined the Arizona Hot Shots of the new Alliance Football League. Starting in February, the league aims to provide football to fans beyond the NFL season, as well as a place for good players to showcase their talents.

That’s only part of the news headlines following Walker around. Turns out Walker isn’t just a star on the football field, but of a new children’s book. Walker’s cousin, Richmond native Stephen Ashford and Bobby Mardis teamed up to craft the inspiring book about Walker’s life. A soundtrack is also being recorded for the book, Never Give Up, the Kenneth Walker III Story, which is available on Amazon, Ashford said.

The book details Walker’s challenges growing up in a neighborhood “filled with distractions,” and being bullied for his small size. Despite stumbling along the way, Walker would follow his parents’ advice to work hard, and to be unique rather than follow others. He would then discover his talent in sports, only to face a new set of challenges. And the challenges kept coming at every new level, from high school to college to the pros. But his parents’ good advice, and the positive outcomes from that advice, remained the same.


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