Adarius Pickett leading UCLA Bruins in tackles

Adarius Pickett leading UCLA Bruins in tackles ahead of Cal game

Adarius Pickett has clearly blossomed as UCLA’s star safety.

The El Cerrito High grad from Richmond leads the Bruins with 61 tackles and ranks second in the Pac-12 Conference with 12.2 tackles per game.

And he’s gaining fame for the “Pick Six” headbands he wears — each made by his mother, Angie.

“Got my little special powers when I put my headband on,” Pickett said, adding it takes a lot of “time and precision” for his mother to make them.

Pickett’s mother made a number of different colored headbands for her son. There’s a message in the back of his headband, he said, stating “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

“Before I put my headband on, I read that before every game, and that’s how I go out there and play,” Pickett said. “Anything is possible through God.”

And it’s worked. Last week in a 31-24 loss to the Washington Huskies, Pickett recorded a career-high 16 tackles.

“It’s a race to the football,” Pickett said. “I just try to do my job out there, that’s all.”

A humble Pickett credited his coach for defensive schemes, and his fellow players, for his success in his senior season.

Meanwhile, UCLA coach Chip Kelly lauds Pickett for bringing “a lot of energy, a lot of juice.”

“He’s a really, really smart football player,” Kelly said. “He helps get the whole group aligned over there, not only the secondary but the linebackers.”

Pickett expressed elation as the Bruins head to Cal Berkeley this Saturday for his senior season hometown game. His family and friends, including an aunt recently diagnosed with cancer, are expected to attend, according to the Los Angeles Times.

“I’m happy to be going home and playing in front of friends and family,” Pickett said.


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