Richmond Plunge to close for several months for repairs

Richmond Swims offering low-cost adult swim lessons
The Richmond Plunge at 1 East Richmond Ave.

The Richmond Plunge in Point Richmond will close for construction from Sept. 1 till at least the end of the year, according to city officials.

The plaster on the bottom of the pool needs to be redone, as it was not applied properly when the Plunge was remodeled before its 2010 re-opening, a city official said. The plaster “pop-offs” were exposing the rough surface that is under the plaster, which was not safe for those who are vertical in the pool (usually children who are playing).

That has meant closing off areas in the shallow end — but after the repairs are done and the Plunge reopens, swimmers will have full use of the pool again.

During the closure, the Richmond Swim Center at 4300 Cutting Blvd. will have greatly increased hours to help accommodate all our users, the city said.

Officials saying they hope to reopen as soon as possible at the start of 2019.

Here’s the schedule to expect this fall:


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