ACE defeats defending champs to claim Adult Volleyball League title

The City of Richmond Adult Volleyball championship game on Wednesday was everything it was supposed to be.
City of Richmond Adult Volleyball League champions ACE show how they're No. 1.

The City of Richmond Adult Volleyball championship game on Wednesday was everything it was supposed to be.

The two Spring 2014 favorites – defending champions Set ‘N’ Kill and the crafty, high-flying act ACE – faced off before a gymnasium filled with league players who stuck around to watch the biggest game of the season. Their ‘oohs’ and ‘aahhs’ persisted throughout the game as the poor volleyball was being figuratively punished.

Even though Set ‘N’ Kill brought their customary thunderous spikes, ACE carried on composed and undaunted, sometimes appearing to hover above the net.

In the end, a new champion was crowned. ACE took both games, 25-21 and 28-26.

Vencel Alfred, a Recreation sports staffer, said it was the type of game you had to be there to believe.

“This was truly the essence of what city recreational sports can be,” Alfred said.  “The sense of friendly competition amongst adults channeling their yesteryears with a passion and fervor; this I witnessed throughout the season.  What is most important is not that ACE took the Spring ’14 League Championship…but that all of the players from Camaleones, Pink Panthers, San Marcos, Richmond Rec, Set ‘N’ Kill and ACE showed up every Wednesday night, played their hearts out and left it all on the court once a week.  And for this, I congratulate them all.”


Third Place Match:

Despite playing in its third match of the night, San Marcos, which had just gone the distance in a victory over the Pink Panthers, showed a lot of guts against Richmond Recreation.

In the end, however, Richmond Recreation proved too much, winning 25-23, 26-24 to secure third place in league play.

Props should be given to Richmond Recreation for the team’s sportsmanship, Alfred said.

“They epitomized sportsmanship by not contesting an easily disputed call that went in the opposition’s favor late in Game 2,” Alfred said.


In an earlier semifinal game, San Marcos surged late to make it close yet Pink Panthers held on to win 25-22.  After decidedly losing Game 2, however, Pink Panthers’ sense of urgency was visible.  Their communication peaked and moral appeared up.  This led to a run by the Pink Panthers that turned the deciding game from a route to an on court skirmish to the finish.  Now only up by three, (23-20) San Marcos benefited from a big block to end a Pink Panthers run.  Pink Panthers, however, had one more push in them which reeled San Marcos into striking distance at 23-24 following a key block and spike by the Pink Panthers’ front line.  However, the Pink Panthers’ 3rd Place hopes were sunk with a serve into the net ending the match.

– Vencel Alfred contributed the great writing and information in this report


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