Citi Foundation awards Richmond-based Rubicon $1M grant

Citi Foundation awards Richmond-based Rubicon $1M grant
Photo courtesy of Rubicon Programs.

Rubicon Programs was recently awarded a $1 million grant from Citi Foundation, which over the next three years will significantly support the Richmond-based nonprofit’s efforts to increase economic opportunities for justice-impacted individuals and those disconnected from the workforce.

Rubicon is one of nine recipients of Citi Foundation’s Community Porgress Makers grant in Northern California. 

The grant provides Rubicon with unrestricted funding, access to technical assistance from national experts, and opportunities to share learnings through virtual and in-person

“It is a big deal for Rubicon to be seen and welcomed as a valuable contributor within an
amazing national network of talent and expertise,” said Dr. Carole Dorham-Kelly, Rubicon’s president and CEO. “In addition to the grant support, we are excited to build community and exchange learnings to collectively strengthen the access to opportunity for justice impacted job seekers across the nation.”

Rubicon Programs provides low-income adults comprehensive services, prioritizing job placement and retention support, legal services, leadership development, wellness services, and financial health coaching. The program maintains connections with participants for up to three years.

“If passion and commitment alone were enough to end poverty, we would have already won the war on poverty,” said Adrienne Kimball, Rubicon’s chief talent officer. “This investment from Citi will support the design and implementation of cutting-edge, win-win solutions that leverage the strengths of and address the complex challenges faced by the communities we serv. It will also equip our team with the tools and knowledge they need to increase their capacity. We are incredibly grateful for this partnership with Citi.”

Rubicon Programs is behind Richmond-based Rubicon Bakers, originally founding the popular brand of baked goods in 1993. Rubicon later sold off the bakery on the basis that it continues providing training and employment to people facing barriers to employment.