Café offers taste of Milan in Richmond

Café offers taste of Milan in Richmond
All photos by Kathy Chouteau.

By Kathy Chouteau

If you’re day dreaming about visiting an Italian café, but a European getaway isn’t in the cards, it’s time to swing by Café Gran Milan in the outer reaches of Richmond. You won’t be disappointed.

The Italian eatery may have an elusive location nearby the Pacific East Mall, but what it lacks in convenience, it makes up for with delicious eats and ethereal pastries that solidify its status as a recommended place in the Rich. And the service? You’ll feel like family.

Café Gran Milan’s menu features breakfast offerings such as breakfast sandwiches, brioche and quiche, numerous pizzas, an array of fresh paninis on focaccia bread baked fresh daily, olive bread, salads, pastries and coffee.

On a recent lunchtime visit, the Standard sampled the turkey panino, apple puff pastry and the sfogliatella, a wafer thin pastry with ricotta cheese and a hint of orange candy peels. The panino was easily the best one this reporter has ever tasted, with fresh ingredients singing out from between toasted slices of focaccia with turkey, lettuce, tomato and more—an absolute delight.

The apple pastry and sfogliatella—which were bought to share but happily sampled—were just as superb, with the rectangular apple pastry offering a surprising thin layer of Italian custard crème tucked within. The sfogliatella, a small, circular puffball, was also delicious, and a unique standout with its delightful touch of orange. It’s also a top pastry order at the café.

Café Gran Milan’s pastries beguile patrons with their enticing looks and also offer treasures hidden within that please the palate in the very best of ways.

We’re not the only ones who appreciate Café Grant Milan’s culinary mastery; the eatery was bustling on an early Friday afternoon, with customers gathering at both indoor tables and outside on a charming patio.

Owner Rufo Verga, originally from Lugano, Italy, and manager Anabel Miranda created a Richmond destination that serves up artful food and also friendly service in a warm and welcoming space.

Find Café Gran Milan at 5327 Jacuzzi St. in Richmond. The café’s menu items can also be delivered via numerous popular delivery apps. Questions? Contact (510) 984-0679.