Rumrill Blvd. paving project to run through end of September

Rumrill Blvd. paving project to run through end of September
Photo by Pexels
Major paving along Rumrill Boulevard between Post Avenue and San Pablo Avenue will run through the end of September, according to the City of San Pablo.
The work is occurring in these phases:
  • Phase 1: San Pablo Avenue intersection to Broadway Anticipated from 8/21- 8/22
  • Phase 2: Brookside intersection anticipated from 8/23- 8/24
  • Phase 3: Broadway intersection anticipated from 8/25- 8/28
  • Phase 4: southbound lane between Broadway and Brookside anticipated from 8/28 – 9/1
  • Phase 5: southbound lane between Brookside & Market anticipated from 9/5 – 9/8
  • Phase 6: northbound lane between Market & Brookside anticipated from 9/11- 9/15
  • Phase 7: northbound lane between Brookside and Broadway anticipated from 9/18- 9/22
  • Phase 8: Market Street intersection anticipated from 9/25- 9/26

Traffic control flaggers and inspection staff will be on site to support traffic flow and safety. During construction, detours will be used and access may be limited to specific entry points.
“Access to residents and businesses may be limited or impacted to perform work immediately across their frontage,” officials said. “Impacts will be kept to a minimum during work hours. Access will be maintained during non-work hours with several access points modified or limited to assure safety during construction.”
Upon completion, Rumrill will provide the public with “safer crosswalks, and a new bicycle-friendly way to travel from the City Limit towards Contra Costa College, and pollution control measures to capture wastes from entering the bay,” said project officials.
For additional information, contact Jacqueline Majors at (925) 949-6196 or [email protected].