AC Transit trip planner now calculates your carbon footprint

AC Transit service changes effective Dec. 3
AC Transit bus at Richmond BART Station.

In celebration of Earth Day, AC Transit has added an environmental savings calculator to its  Trip Planner.

Under “Trip Details,” riders can now see how many pounds of carbon dioxide they’ve saved when they decide to ride the bus instead of drive.

The calculator will additionally take into account whether the rider is boarding a zero emission bus.

We tried it out: a bus ride from Richmond BART Station to the Richmond Ferry Terminal involves an 11-minute ride on the 74 bus that would pack an environmental savings of .9 pounds of CO2, according to the Trip Planner.

AC Transit points out rider savings will “continue to grow as AC Transit transitions to a 100% zero emission bus fleet by 2040.”

Learn more about the transit agency’s green initiatives and zero emission programs here