San Pablo to issue $100 fines for vehicles parked on yards

San Pablo to issue $100 fines for vehicles parked on yards
Photo via Scopio

Starting Dec. 1, cars, motorcycles, trailers, boats and motor homes found parked in the yards of residential properties in San Pablo — outside the designated driveway area of a property — will be fined $100 per violation, according to the city.

The city’s Police Department is advising residents to remove these items per city code 8.02.020(G), which prohibits vehicles and other large items from being stored in front and side yards. It’s an effort to make the city a more beautiful place to live, according to the San Pablo Police Department. 

As a courtesy, San Pablo police are currently giving warnings to vehicles in violation of this city ordinance.

According to the city, driveways cannot exceed 50 percent of the front and side yards, whether or not they are paved areas. Paved or unpaved driveways not leading to a required parking space are prohibited, the city added.

The city is also appealing to the public to remove trash cans, cones, or barricades from streets that are aimed at reserving parking.

For more information, residents can call Planning at (510)215-3030 for driveways and Engineering at (510) 215-3069 for curb cuts.

SPMC 8.12.020 states, in part, “the parking or storage of any vehicle, boat, trailer, camper, motor home or property used or zoned for residential purposes, on any front lawn, front yard, or side yard; shall be allowed on required parking spaces or paved driveways leading directly from approved and permitted curb cuts to required garages, carports or other required off-street parking spaces. The parking or storage of any vehicle, boat, trailer, camper or motor home on paved areas located in the front yard or side yard other than the required driveways, shall be prohibited.”