Mayor gives 411 on project at Cutting and Canal

Mayor gives 411 on project at Cutting and Canal
Duke Realty Project at Cutting and Canal. (Project renderings from city documents)

By Kathy Chouteau

Richmond Mayor Tom Butt has answered the queries of community members wondering “what the heck is going on at Cutting and Canal Boulevards?” In an April 1 E-Forum post, the mayor informed inquiring minds that Duke Realty is planning a $48 million, 153,000 sq. ft. building at that location that is “primarily a logistics center but includes approximately 9,000 square ft. of office space with an entry plaza at the corner.” 

The building, located at 731 West Cutting Blvd. in Richmond, will reach a height of 43 ft. and will include 24 loading docks, per the Project Description on the City of Richmond’s website. The 7.94-acre project site will be accessible via two driveways along West Cutting Blvd. and one driveway along Canal Blvd., per the description.

The mayor indicated that Duke Realty currently doesn’t have any “tenant activity or users” but hopes “that the project will attract a variety of tenants.” He directed further questions about the project to: Janet Galvez, Duke Realty, 1904 Franklin St., 8th Fl., Oakland, CA 94512, phone: 818.307.0465.