GoEzy app launches in West Contra Costa, rewards available

GoEzy app launches in West Contra Costa, rewards available
Driver with cellphone (Photo courtesy of Unsplash)

By Kathy Chouteau

GoEzy is bringing its free, multi-modal navigation app services to West Contra Costa County, according to the Richmond City Manager’s latest newsletter. As part of the launch, GoEzy is teaming up with the City of Richmond Transportation Department and 511 Contra Costa to pilot a carpool feature for City employees and community members to help connect people to ridesharing matches for their commute.

By using the GoEzy app, drivers can avoid traffic and spend less time behind the wheel, said the report. As an added bonus as part of the study over the next several weeks, West Contra Costa County drivers can earn rewards for using GoEzy’s suggestions for improving their commute.

County-based drivers who flex their routine travel game plan—i.e., by leaving earlier than usual for a trip, carpooling/biking to work or by trying a convenient County Connection route to school—can receive the special offers, per the report. The rewards include gift cards from Visa, Amazon, Starbucks and more thanks to funding from 511 Contra Costa.

GoEzy app launches in West Contra Costa, rewards available
Photo courtesy of GoEzy.

GoEzy’s entrance into West County is an effort to support the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) Smartphone Travel Incentive Study. Via those using the app, the study aims to better understand traveler behavior, how incentives influence travel decisions and how the outcomes might help outline future transportation policy, according to the report.

To get started, people can download the free GoEzy app from the Apple App Store or Google Play and then can begin using it for navigation when travelling. Within one-to-two weeks, the app will begin offering personalized suggestions—and potentially rewards—for upcoming trips.

For more info, click here or call the Richmond Transportation Department at 510-621-1718.