Fundraisers launched in wake of Richmond couple’s deaths

Fundraisers launched in wake of Richmond couple's deaths
Claudia Justinian Mendoza, 28 and Erick Magallon Izquierdo, 33. (Photo courtesy of The Latina Center)

Fundraisers have been launched to support a family grieving over the loss of a Richmond couple killed Monday in what police suspect was a murder-suicide.

On Thursday, the Contra Costa County Coroner’s Office identified the couple as Erick Magallon Izquierdo, 33, and Claudia Justinian Mendoza, 28.

In the wake of the tragedy, The Latina Center in Richmond released a statement asking the community to support the Magallon family through donations. Those wishing to offer support can send donations to The Latina Center at 3727 Barrett Avenue, Richmond CA 94805.

A taco sale will be held to raise funds for the grieving family on Friday at 3 p.m. at 801 Chesley Ave. in Richmond, according to the The Latina Center.

Flyer courtesy of The Latina Center

Erick’s sister, Yuri Magallon, has also established a fundraiser on Facebook. Yuri said the family hopes to repatriate the bodies of the couple and lay them to rest in the city of Morelia, Michoacán. The couple leaves behind three children, who are in the care of their uncles at present, according to the fundraiser.

At about 9 a.m. Monday, police responded to a home in the 700 block of Thomas Drive in the city’s Parchester Village neighborhood to conduct a welfare check, Richmond police Sgt. Aaron Pomeroy said. A man had reported that he was watching his brother’s children overnight but his brother had not picked them up and was not answering his phone.

Police were unable to open the front door, so they summoned help from the Richmond Fire Department, which used a pry tool to remove the door from the hinges, Pomeroy said.

After entering the home, police found the bodies lying on the floor. Both had been shot.

Homicide investigators believe the deaths were a murder-suicide, although the official cause of death is pending an investigation by the coroner’s office. Further details about the case were not released.


  1. Dont Donate Her body is being left here and his is being sent to mexico!!!! he was a murderer left his kids without their mom I hope he rotts in hell!

    • No Judgement only facts. He killed her and left his children without a Mother. His mental illness was his adult responsibility to take care of and get help for. He chose to kill instead. Please do not blame this mans cowardly selfish act on mental illness. Hogwash!!! It says Do no kill in the Bible. GOD Bless the Chhildren left behind.

  2. Maria and Anonymous he is not a coward her body is also being send to Mexico and if your not from the family you shouldn’t now so pleas stop opening mouths and writing things that aren’t true and he is not going to hell so may God take them both by there side and there children’s may be in good hands not as well as parents but in good hands

  3. Is there a way to donate to the mothers family and her children? His family can cremate Eric with dogs. They’ll go to heaven before he ever will.

  4. No judgement please. These are trying and hopeless times for many. His mental illness got the best of him. May the both rest in paradise. Be kind to yourself and others❣️


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