Point Isabel dog park reopens with restrictions

Point Isabel dog park reopens with restrictions
The beloved dog park, located at 2701 Isabel St. in Richmond, has reopened with special restrictions such as keeping dogs on leash. (Photo credit: Kathy Choutea)

By Kathy Chouteau

In the latest “barking news” coming out of the East Bay Regional Park District, Point Isabel Regional Shoreline is reopening today.

The beloved dog park, located at 2701 Isabel St. in Richmond, reopens with special restrictions to keep dogs on leash per COVID-19 social distancing requirements. The park had been closed since early April due to the pandemic.

“We know this park has traditionally allowed off leash dogs who run and play along the shoreline,” said Park District General Manager Robert Doyle.

According to a statement from the Park District, off-leash dogs tend to group together, often leading their humans to convene as well and making social distancing difficult. At this time, all East Bay Regional Parks permitting dogs are enacting the temporary leash requirement.

Signage stating the current leash requirement is being installed at Point Isabel, per the Park District. Along with the park’s opening, restrooms and parking will be accessible. 

On Thurs., June 4, Mudpuppy’s Sit & Stay Cafe, the park’s concession stand that offers coffee and food for humans and washes for their furry friends, will also reopen.

“We understand people need parks for health, wellness, and stress relief, now more than ever,” said Doyle. “We are doing everything we can to keep parks open for the public during the COVID-19 crisis and need the public’s help.”

Though well known as a place for canines and their humans to convene, Point Isabel is also a popular destination for windsurfers, kite surfers and kayakers. As of today, the park will also permit access to its shoreline for recreational purposes.

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