East Brother’s Resilience IPA bolsters Butte County fire relief

East Brother’s Resilience IPA bolsters Butte County fire relief

By Kathy Chouteau

Turns out, beer really can help save the world.

Anyone doubting the veracity of this statement should consider East Brother Beer Company’s recent release of the Resilience Butte County Proud IPA beer.

On Thurs., Dec. 20, an animated crowd of approximately 200 people and canines gathered at the Richmond brewery’s taproom for the rollout of the special-edition beer, with 100 percent of the proceeds benefiting Butte County Camp Fire relief efforts.

“Resilience IPA was an idea that was sparked by Ken Grossman at Sierra Nevada,” said Steven Phillips, East Brother Beer taproom manager. “They came up with this idea to send out a recipe and ingredients to any brewery that was willing to participate and spend some time, fermentation space and put in a little collaborative spin or your own touches to the beer itself to make it your own. But the whole part of it was their idea to go ahead and make money for the Butte County Camp Fire relief.”

The fundraising effort hit close to home for Phillips, who happens to be an alumnus of Butte-Glenn Community College, so he asked East Brother Beer owners Chris Coomber and Rob Lightner if they could participate and they gave the green light.

According to Phillips, East Brother Beer brewed a few batches of the Resilience IPA, putting its own spin on Sierra Nevada’s recipe by using its own house English yeast; adding dry hops to give it more character and aroma; and incorporating a couple of malts from Admiral Maltings of Alameda for more complexity.

As part of East Brother Beer’s launch event for the Resilience IPA, the brewery also hosted a raffle—including swag like hoodies, T-shirts, growlers, gift cards, etc.—to supplement their fundraising efforts as much as possible.

Regarding the length of the Resilience IPA’s offering, Phillips said with a chuckle, “It’s very limited. We’re on our last keg already…Everybody’s been buying it, everybody’s in the spirit. Not only is it the time of year to give, but because it was the most disastrous fire in California, everybody wants to do their part and help out as much as they can.”

“To see so many people giving and being able to do that…it’s incredible,” Phillips added. “It’s very heartwarming.”

According to East Brother Beer, it generated just under $1,500 in sales of Resilience IPA and the raffle, which they will be rounding up and sending off via check to the relief effort.

While East Brother Beer’s Resilience IPA fundraising endeavor has ended, it has other charitable efforts continuing through this weekend.

Through Sunday, the brewery is selling books for $5.00 to benefit the Richmond Public Library’s after-school literacy programs for children and they are also encouraging the community to bring new, unwrapped toys to donate to the Richmond Fire & Police Toy Drive. Those who support the Toy Drive can get half off a pint for doing so.

Apparently, it seems beer really can help save the world.

“One glass at a time,” said Phillips.


  1. Amazing community support and spirit. This event showed the true essence of what Richmond has to offer. Great community, inclusiveness, beer garden atmosphere and ability to do good for others!


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