Richmond-based Tibetan association raises $7,236 for wildfire relief


Last week, the Richmond-based Tibetan Association of Northern California (TANC) presented Mayor Tom Butt with a $7,236 check to support California wildfire relief efforts.

The money was raised at a community café fundraising event hosted by the TANC and Tibetan volunteers.

The TANC asked Richmond’s mayor to deliver the funds to wherever they would do the most good. Mayor Butt said he then emailed the mayor and four council members of the city of Paradise, which was destroyed by the Camp Fire that killed at least 88 people. Paradise Councilmember Mike Zuccolillo responded, recommending the donation be delivered to an organization active in the relief effort: Tzu Chi Foundation.

“I mailed the check to Zuccolillo yesterday and asked him, and perhaps the mayor, to present it to a Tzu Chi representative on the ground in Paradise,” Mayor Butt said in his popular e-forum newsletter.

The mayor also asked the Paradise councilmember what Richmond community members could do to help.

“He said they need as many RVs and travel trailers as possible,” Butt said. “If someone has one they wish to donate or sell cheap, Mike will figure out the logistics. He can be reached at 530-521-4576 or”


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