Off-duty CHP officers chase, tackle I-80 hit-and-run suspect

Driver killed in crash on I-580 in Richmond

Off-duty CHP officers chased and tackled a driver who attempted to flee a crash on Interstate Highway 80 near Central Avenue Thursday afternoon.

The officers were riding in a personal car eastbound on the highway about 2 p.m. when they witnessed a green Honda crashing into other vehicles and then rolling over, according to CHP.

The Honda’s driver attempted to flee the scene on foot, but officers chased after him and tackled him.

“One officer grabbed a hold of the driver, but the driver flailed about and continued to flee,” according to the CHP. “The second officer closed upon the driver and was able to tackle him to the ground. The driver was subdued and restrained until on duty CHP units arrived.”

The suspect was found in possession of a handgun with the serial number scratched off, meaning it was likely stolen, CHP said.

While he was not injured, the suspect was transported to a local hospital for medical clearance. Once released, he was set to be booked into Santa Rita jail with numerous charges, according to the CHP.


  1. Much appreciation to the officer. Your bravery, service and contribution toward making our city a safer place is appreciated. You could have kept going, but instead stopped someone who was clearly intending to flee after creating harm and had a handgun with serial number scraped off. Thank you.


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