Gas main break leads to discovery of illegal pot grow

After gas main break, police discover illegal Hilltop Village pot grow
Photos of a marijuana illegal grow in the 3300 block of Parkgate Court in Richmond (courtesy of the Richmond Police Department).

A gas main break in the Hilltop Village neighborhood led local authorities to an illegal marijuana grow operation with about 690 plants, according to the Richmond Police Department.

The incident occurred Saturday about at 4:38 a.m. The gas main break in the 3300 block of Parkgate Court prompted Richmond police and fire to evacuate homes for public safety. As officers entered one of the homes, they discovered it was being used to grow marijuana illegally.

“Circuits inside the residence were overloaded and unsafe,” police said. “RFD cut the electricity due to the fire risk. The electrical panel had cardboard covering it.”

RPD’s Special Investigations Regulatory Unit responded to eradicate the illegal cultivation.


  1. Lies a gas leak has nothing to do with growing cannabis I as a advocate won’t stand for these lies please don’t misinform people about gas meter leaks and growing cannabis has absolutely nothing to do with fire explosions


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