Richmond Mayor Tom Butt wins reelection


Richmond Mayor Tom Butt retained his elected post, cruising past Melvin Willis, a first-term Richmond councilmember and member of the Richmond Progressive Alliance, with 57.49-percent of the vote.

Mayor Butt, who previously to becoming mayor served on council since 1995, received 8,758 votes, with Willis receiving 6,460.

As of Wednesday morning, all 744 precincts in Contra Costa County had reported their results, according to the Contra Costa Elections Office. Of 619,963 registered county voters, 233,576 ballots were cast, a turnout of almost 38 percent.

In the Richmond City Council race, which held three open seats, the Richmond Progressive Alliance lost their supermajority hold on five of the seven seats. Demnlus Johnson III was the top vote-getter (4,872 votes, 11.77 percent); incumbent RPA member Eduardo Martinez came next (4,616, 11.20 percent); and Nat Bates, a former two-time mayor and longtime councilman who briefly departed politics after losing the 2014 mayoral election, was in third (4,458, 10.82 percent).

Incumbent Ada Recino, an RPA member, lost her seat. And Richmond Councilwoman Jovanka Beckles, also an RPA member, opted against re-election in order to run for California State Assembly, which she lost to Buffy Wicks (Wicks received 53.37 percent of the vote to Beckles’ 44.63 percent).

“Nat Bates represents the older seasoned member of the Council while Demnlus Johnson represents the younger part of the community with a fire in his belly looking to affect change for the better,” said community advocate Don Gosney. “If they fail to put aside the rhetoric from the campaign that made it appear as if the generational divide was unsurmountable, and learn to work together, then the Council will continue to be just as dysfunctional as in the past couple of years.”

Richmond’s Measure H, which raises the real estate documentary transfer tax for properties above $1 million, passed, but Measure T, a special parcel tax on vacant properties, failed to get the two-thirds voter approval needed.

Winning the races for the West Contra Costa Unified School District board were Valerie Cuevas, Stephanie Hernandez-Jarvis and Consuelo Lara.

With 92-percent of precincts reporting in the statewide election, former Richmond councilman Tony Thurmond was trailing Marshall Tuck in the California’s school superintendent race, with Tuck leading with 50.6-percent of the vote to Thurmond’s 49.4-percent.

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