Richmond church celebrates grand re-opening after repairs made

Richmond church celebrates grand re-opening after repairs made
St. Luke’s Methodist Church, 3200 Barrett Ave. in Richmond.

by Mike Kinney

The congregation at St. Luke’s Methodist Church in Richmond is cheering the reopening of its church sanctuary, which has been closed for close to a year after the discovery of sizeable cracks in the church beams.

On Saturday, over 200 people attended a grand re-opening of the church sanctuary at 3200 Barrett Ave., including more than 15 Methodist pastors from throughout the Bay Area.

They are celebrating the congregation’s ability to raise the $64,000 needed to repair and retrofit three beams that support the structure. Since discovering the cracks, church officials decided to move services from the sanctuary to the church gymnasium until the repairs were made.

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Cracks found in the beams above the church are now repaired and the structure is “strong as ever,” the pastor says.

To fund the repairs, the church raised $16,000 from the St. Luke’s congregation, obtained $38,000 from the United Methodist Development Fund and also a $10,000 grant.

The repairs and retrofitting occurred over the last month.

Construction crews worked to “lift up these huge steel plates and steel channels to retrofit the current beams,” Rev. Ofa Uepi told the Standard. “It is strong as ever, and I’m so grateful for the work that has been done.”


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