What goes on inside your dog’s fuzzy head?

What goes on inside your dog’s fuzzy head?
Jonathan Wong and Nakita, his 3-year-old whippet-husky mix from the Milo Foundation.

Franz Kafka’s fictional short story, “Investigations of a Dog,” details the inner musings of a sentient canine who asks, “Where does food come from?” and other existential questions. Since Kafka’s days, man has made great strides in understanding how dogs think and why they act the way they do.

If you’re not sure, there are dog trainers who can answer your questions, such as Richmond-based Pack Leader Dog Training owner Jonathan Wong.

“In America, many dogs are treated like people instead of dogs, which inevitably leads to an imbalance in leadership,” Wong explains. “My role is to help family members establish strong leadership so their dog respects and obeys them, thus creating safety and harmony inside and outside the home.”  

Wong hails from Leerburg Dog Training School, and specializes in obedience, crate training, sit & down stay, and food, dog/human aggression. Training typically plays out over five weeks for one hour per session. For highly problematic behaviors, an option is board and train which is several weeks and includes training the dog owner for several hours after the board & train. 

Those interested in learning more, or who need a great dog trainer or boarding for Bay Area clients, you can contact Jonathan at bayareapackleader@gmail.com.


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