Slow Burn Glass heats up Richmond art scene

Slow Burn Glass heats up Richmond art scene

By Kathy Chouteau

A talented glass artist has recently fired up the Richmond art scene.

Equipped with his glassblowing pipe, glass artist and instructor Bryan Goldenberg recently relocated his Slow Burn Glass shop to Richmond. Goldenberg, who has operated a successful business in Oakland since 2006, opened up shop in Richmond in early July 2018.

“We were growing out of that space,” said Goldenberg about his move, which he says enabled him “to expand [his] business.”

“I’m drawn to the area,” he said about Slow Burn Glass’ new location in Richmond’s Marina Bay neighborhood. “This whole area’s just really up and coming and booming…it’s kind of nice to see it.”

The Rich Life recently visited Slow Burn Glass’ Richmond studio, a 5,000-square-foot warehouse featuring an 800 lb. furnace. When Goldenberg isn’t busy creating his own work, his studio hosts other artists, classes for students and special events, such as teambuilding sessions where groups can learn to make basic glass pieces.

Goldenberg counts Facebook, Sysco Systems and Uber as some of his past clients. “Typically, everybody wants to make something, so we get everybody involved,” he said.

The glass studio’s classes often tie-in to upcoming holidays such as pumpkin creations for Halloween, “snow people” for the winter season, hearts for Valentine’s Day and eggs and flowers for the Easter and Mother’s Day timeframe. Also on the schedule are wine and beer glass making classes.

“Two-to-three days per week we hold classes, with 30-80 people coming through here on a weekend,” said Goldenberg, who added that 12 years and older is the age limit. Class attendees range “from semi-retired people who want to pick up a new hobby to high school students [and others],” he said.

“The goal is to get something going for youth summer camps next summer,” added Goldenberg.

Given that Halloween is around the corner, Slow Burn Glass is gearing up for its “Pumpkin Workshops” now, and according to Goldenberg, they’re filling up quickly. Goldenberg may add additional classes to the schedule if the demand continues. Check the class schedule for all the details, as well as Groupon for discount codes.

When it comes to inspiration for his own work, Goldenberg said that “it comes in waves of what I’m in the mood to make.” His interest can shift from making heart candy dishes one day to big tall glass pieces another day. “I’m really involved with a lot of colors,” he added. “Vibrant colors.”

“It’s great being in this new location and the response we’ve had from everybody has just been phenomenal, so we’re really happy with the expansion so far,” said Goldenberg while reflecting on his studio’s recent move to Richmond.

Slow Burn Glass is located at 833 South 19th Street, Unit A, in Richmond’s Marina Bay neighborhood. Visitors can swing by to see him work or to check out his on-site gallery seven days a week between 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Visit the studio’s website here or call 510-832-2007.


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