Election Update: Changes to the Contra Costa County Ballots

Photo: Contra Costa Elections Office

By Nick Deluca

Contra Costa County voters will see a new look when they vote this November. Ballots will now be letter-sized, instead of legal-sized.

In announcing the change, the Contra Costa County Elections Division said, “the change from a 17-inch to an 11-inch length ballot card makes the ballots easier to read and handle, and also allows votes to be counted faster.”

This election, voters will be getting six of the new cards when they vote. “People at first may associate more ballot cards with it taking more time to vote, but that should not be the case.  We’re hopeful that voters will find it easier to read and use than the longer ballot cards,” Contra Costa Registrar of Voters Joe Canciamilla said.

Vote-by-Mail ballots will be sent out on October 8.  Election Day is Tuesday, November 6.

You can get more information on the new ballots, how and where to vote by mail, and everything else election-related at www.cocovote.us.


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