The Factory Bar aims to promote Richmond’s best on San Pablo Ave.

The Factory Bar aims to promote Richmond's best on San Pablo Ave.
A plan is in the works to transform this site at 12513 San Pablo Ave. into a bar with an outdoor patio. (photo by Mike Kinney, project rendering courtesy of City of Richmond)

A bar with an outdoor patio aiming to serve signature cocktails named after Richmond legends along with Richmond-based beers, entertainment and art may soon come to San Pablo Avenue in Richmond’s North & East Neighborhood.

The permitting process is ongoing to construct the Factory Bar at 12513 San Pablo Ave., near Clinton Avenue. The project was among projects set to be reviewed by the Planning Commission on Thursday, but the meeting was cancelled.

According to city documents, the existing building is used as both offices and as a religious gathering space, with an outdoor area that is used to temporarily store contracting equipment.

The plans include significant changes to the site, such as facade improvements, although the existing religious gathering space would remain as is. Existing offices would be converted into a modern bar with new restrooms, bar areas and storage. The current roll-up doors will be removed and replaced with either a storefront or new roll-up door that has windows in order to invite more light into the space. The latter option could create “indoor-outdoor” connections with the new patio, planning documents state.

An outdoor patio would replace the equipment storage area and include furniture, fire pits, planters and planting.

The project has garnered community support, including from the North & East Neighborhood Council, following outreach meetings. That support is at least in part due to the Factory Bar’s apparent community focus.

“As a place to celebrate our community, we are looking forward to hosting many local artist’s work, historic exhibits, community gatherings, and musical guests,” the Factory Bar’s new website states.

Along with developing signature classic drinks representing “the diversity and character of our Richmond heritage” and which will “carry the namesake of many of our local Richmond heroes,” the Factory Bar will also feature Richmond breweries on tap.

As the website states: “Richmond has become home for some of the best beers in America in the last couple of years. Damn right we’ll be carrying them.”

We’ll continue to provide updates on this project as the plans move through permitting.


  1. Not real excited about a bar opening up. I don’t see anything said about parking? What about noise to the homes behind this location as far as entertainment ? What about loitering ? These are some issues people are dealing with at a bar location in El Sobrante.

  2. This is another exciting development, and we can’t welcome change fast enough in the area. Finally something new and exciting for us.

  3. I’m with Deb, above. I’m not real excited about a bar opening up either. That’s one new business I won’t care to visit.


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