Toyota partners with Contra Costa College on career training program

Toyota partners with Contra Costa College on career training program
Kevin Booth, field consultant for Toyota's T-Ten program, speaks to representatives of regional dealerships about the new intensive, hands-on career training program being installed at Contra Costa College.

Toyota is installing its national automotive technician training program at Contra Costa College (CCC).

Starting in Fall 2020, Contra Costa College​ will offer Toyota’s Technician Training & Education Network (T-TEN) program, which provides hands-on training in both classroom and dealership settings, with the aim of prepping students for well-paid, in-demand careers. The T-Ten program currently operates at 38 college and vocational school campuses nationwide and has graduated well over 10,000 students, said Kevin Booth, T-Ten field consultant.

On Thursday, representatives of Toyota, its regional dealerships and college officials discussed the developing program from CCC’s Automotive Services Building at the campus at 2600 Mission Bell Drive.

Toyota partners with Contra Costa College on career training program
Toyota has been augmenting Contra Costa College’s existing on-campus career-training facility for automotive services as part of bringing its installation of the T-Ten program.

CCC already operates a general automotive services program out of the facility, which previously earned the Silver ‘Strong Workforce Star’ for substantial increases in student earnings and the attainment of living wage jobs for graduates.

That program will run separately from the T-Ten program, which will provide more in-depth training and will take two years to complete. While the existing general program preps students for entry-level positions, the T-Ten will prep them for mid-level roles, officials said.

Toyota has invested $500,000 into the CCC venture and expects that investment to grow to $1 million as the program matures, said Booth.

“[The funding] really doesn’t represent the value of it,” said Booth. “It’s the man and woman hours from the instructors doing all the curriculum and the adaptions so the students have a good task-based experience.”

CCC officials praised the real-world settings offered to students at Toyota dealerships as part of the program.

“Because of the partnership with Toyota and the internships, they’re not only going to learn hands on in this shop, they’re actually in internships at the same time in the dealerships, and that really accelerates the learning,” said Lucile Beatty, interim dean of the Library, Allied Health, Vocational Education + Athletics (LAVA) at CCC. “It prepares them in a way in which our general program can’t without the partnerships with the dealerships.”

Ahead of the start of classes in Fall 2020, CCC intends to advertise and recruit students for the program.

“This is the future for many of our students who are looking for this type of career,” said Katrina VanderWoude, CCC president. “We are so excited about this partnership with Toyota and Contra Costa College.”

Contra Costa College and Toyota representatives pose for a photo during an event at CCC’s on-campus Automotive Services Center on Thursday, Aug. 16, 2018.


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