Local girls and Chevron Richmond mentors team up to make ice cream


Here’s one thing that will inspire anyone to want to be a scientist: learning to make ice cream.

Eighteen members of Girls Inc. of West Contra Costa County toured the Chevron Richmond Refinery on Tuesday before conducting various science experiments with women executives from the company.

Chevron’s Women’s Executive Group meets regularly with local youth to bond through fun activities that promote learning in STEM, or science, technology, engineering and mathematics. They participated in activities such as making square bubbles, making cars out of water bottles that can propel forward using balloons, and got to check out the Refinery’s neat Engine Lab.

Perhaps the best part of the day was when they broke into three groups to make liquid nitrogen ice cream, which offers quite of bit of entertainment with the cold steam and, of course, tasted delicious, according to the girls. They even made a non-dairy version.

The event is not just a fun experience for the girls, but also for their Chevron mentors, said Terri Reilly, finance manager at the company. Reilly attended a similar event last year with Girls Inc. and says seeing young people wowed by science is as satisfying as, well, ice cream. “Its really fun, I really enjoy it,” she said.


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