Downtown safety ambassadors assist in swift response to fire

Downtown safety ambassadors assist in swift response to fire
Ambassadors from the Safety1st Community Liaisons program who help keep downtown clean and safe did their jobs well on Aug. 10 when they quickly spotted and reported a small grass fire.

“All in a day’s work.”

That was the start of a post on the Richmond Main Street Initiative (RMSI) Facebook page about how two alert Safety1st Neighborhood Ambassadors spotted a small grass fire this morning in one of the vacant lots at 13th Street and Macdonald Avenue. They quickly called 911, and the Richmond Fire Department responded within minutes to put it out. No injuries were reported.

“Talk about right place, right time…and good training, too!” said Alicia Gallo, RMSI outreach coordinator.

The small grass fire occurred in one of the vacant lots where a developer aims to build nearly 400 housing units and 60,000 square feet of retail. Its cause wasn’t known.

RMSI is the community-based nonprofit dedicated to revitalizing downtown. The organization manages a Safety1st Community Liaisons program that sends out safety ambassadors to provide enhanced maintenance and hospitality services in the downtown corridor, a vital role in keeping the downtown clean and safe. The program is funded by the Downtown Richmond Property Business Improvement District.


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