Richmond police cracking down on Pacific East Mall car break-ins


Richmond police have been conducting undercover operations at Pacific East Mall in recent months in response to multiple vehicle burglaries — including one where suspects made off with $150,000 worth of jewelry.

Several suspects were identified on surveillance video and police are tracking them down.

In the case of the $150,000 jewelry heist, where the jewelry had been kept inside bags within the car, police identified one of the suspects as 26-year-old Jalon Walker of Vallejo. A search warrant at Walker’s home recovered some of the stolen jewelry, along with other stolen jewelry.

“There is now a search warrant for her arrest,” Richmond police Lt. Felix Tan said.

Surveillance video helped police identify and arrest other suspected Pacific East Mall car burglars. One man, 31-year-old Brooklynn Ogletree of Vallejo, remains on the run, Tan said.

“We would like to remind our community to not keep any valuables inside your car,” Tan said. “Many auto burglaries are crimes of opportunity; the suspects look inside the cars, and when they see something of value – bags/laptop computers/suitcases, it presents them an opportunity to quickly smash and grab the items within seconds.”

Pacific East Mall is located at 3288 Pierce St.

Video: Richmond Police Department


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