Man shot multiple times outside Richmond barber shop Thursday


Richmond police are investigating a shooting outside a San Pablo Avenue barbershop Thursday.

The incident occurred just before 6 p.m. in the 12500 block of San Pablo Avenue, between Solano and Clinton avenues, Richmond police Capt. Al Walle said.

According to a witness report, the victim, a Bay Area resident, went to his car to wait for his turn at the barbershop when an unknown vehicle pulled up. A suspect exited the vehicle and opened fire through the driver’s side window at the victim. The victim was struck multiple times as he attempted to flee.

The victim is recovering at a local hospital. He reportedly did not see nor know the suspects, is not in a gang and in fact had just left work when he was attacked.

The suspect was described as a black man in his 20s wearing an orange and grey hooded sweat jacket. The suspect fled in a waiting gold sedan, Walle said.


  1. Shooting at 6pm in broad daylight. The community still feels safe with the increasing violence in that area?

  2. Resident: this shooting was targeted, there are no random shootings in Richmond. As long as you are not involved in a gang or in drug sales/use, or hanging out with people involved with either of these things, you are not a target. That doesn’t mean that a stray bullet might get you, though.

  3. Shootings for no reason dont happen in richmond? Are u ignorant or just plain stupid? Shootings for no reason happen all of the time. Drugs and gangs werent involved. He didnt have alcohol in his system. Just an unfortunate event. Perhaps mistaken identity? Either way, shame on you for placing this victim in that category.


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