Community memorial for slain Kishana Harley set for Thursday

Teenager arrested in connection with Kishana Harley's murder
Photo: Facebook

A community memorial for Kishana Harley will be held Thursday at the Monterey Pines Apartments, one week after the well-liked community activist and mother of four was found murdered in her apartment at the residential complex in Richmond.

The memorial will run from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Monterey Pines Community Center at 680 S. 37th St., according to a Facebook e-vite.

“She was always there for the community,” according to organizers. “Please come out and show your support for her friends and family.”

About 9:45 p.m. on Thursday last week, officers responded to the complex to conduct a welfare check on Harley. Harley was found lying on the floor with traumatic injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene, police said. No motive or suspect information is known.

The homicide has shocked the community. One of her co-workers at the Social Security Administration office in Richmond said Harley had recently moved here from New York. But she made herself known in the community, in part due to her activism.

Harley spoke out about issues such as police brutality. She stood up for families who lost loved ones to violent encounters with police officers, including the family of Richard “Pedie” Perez. Perez was fatally shot by a Richmond police officer in an incident described by the city’s Citizen Police Review Commission as one where excessive and unreasonable force was used.

Harley and Pedie’s mother, Patricia, together launched a petition last year to promote legislation aiming to reduce unjust police killings.

“She was a good person who was trying to make the world a safer place,” Patricia Perez posted on Facebook.

When Harley wasn’t working, she “spent any spare time trying to change the messed-up ‘system of justice’ that protects all of the killer cops,” Perez said.

KTVU-Ch. 2 reporter Paul Chambers said he and Harley debated at his barber shop forum in Richmond. He described her as a beloved community activist.

On her LinkedIn page, Harley described herself as a survivor of homelessness and domestic violence who achieved a Masters degree in public administration at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice.


  1. Who on earth would hurt a woman like this? Such a force, with wisdom and strength. Someone who just relocated to the area and had the intention to speak out and make a difference.

    When are things going to change here.

  2. Illegal aliens are killing thousands of Americas just like Kishana Harley. You will soon find out her killer is here illegally. I wonder how he could have killed her from his country of origin, don’t you? Or is it that we need a wall to keep these murderers in their own countries?


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