Richmond considers ‘slow zones’ on bike/ped paths and trail etiquette measures

Richmond to considering 'slow zones' on bike/ped paths and trail etiquette measures

Following complaints by Marina Bay residents about safety issues on the San Francisco Bay Trail, Richmond is considering establishing slow zones and enforceable etiquette rules on bicycle and pedestrian paths throughout the city.

At its Tuesday meeting, the City Council is set to discuss the “Multi-Use Path Safety Ordinance” establishing etiquette guidelines for trail users throughout Richmond.

The ordinance, crafted with input by the Richmond Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) and the nonprofit Bike East Bay, would establish a number of rules for trail users, including making it unlawful to ride a bicycle above 15 miles per hour in regular zones, and 10 miles per hour in proposed “slow zones.”

Under the proposed ordinance, electrical bicycles and other power-driven mobility devices can only be used on pathways by people with medical conditions or mobility disabilities.

Tension between cyclists and walkers on Bay Trail leading to city ordinance

Animals on the path would be required to be leashed. Also, only up to three animals per person would be allowed on the multi-use path at one time, and animals would need to be in close proximity to their owners (within 6 feet).

Violators of the proposed rules in the ordinance would face a minimum infraction fine of $100 for the first offense, provided that the offense is witnessed by a police officer “as required by state law governing infractions,” city documents said.

Back in 2015, the Marina Bay Neighborhood Council approached BPAC with concerns about trail safety, citing unsafe behavior on the waterfront Bay Trail. That led to “share the signs” paths and public outreach on trails about safety, but also a call to create “enforceable rules.”


  1. The “problems” are mostly reported by selfish trail users who do not want to share the trail with others. As a near daily user of this section of the Bay Trail, there ARE a few fitness cyclists who ride fast when they can, but the biggest hazards are the non-fitness cyclists/families who weave all over the trail with no regard for other users; and the people with 20′ dog leashes stretched across the whole trail. Oh, and the stroller pushers going side by side blocking the whole path.

    With the 10mph speed limit, will I be limited to running that fast, as well? That’s 6 minute mile pace, which is about my 5-10k pace.


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