Coach shoots at parent outside Richmond basketball tournament, no injuries


An argument over a game’s officiating at a Richmond basketball tournament resulted in a coach shooting at a parent in the parking lot Saturday night, a police captain said.

No one was injured, as the bullet missed and struck a nearby building about 9:45 p.m. in the parking lot in the 2800 block of Salesian Ave., near Salesian College Preparatory, Richmond police Capt. Al Walle reported.

The dispute began when the parent, who was angry about officiating of a game, got into an argument with the coach from an opposing team, Walle said. Their argument continued in the parking lot, where the shooting occurred. The victim and suspect left the scene prior to officers arriving, Walle said. The investigation is ongoing.

According to Salesian College Prep officials, the gym had been rented out for an AAU basketball tournament.

“Campus security camera footage has been shared with the authorities,” school officials said, adding the tournament was not sponsored by Salesian.


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