Dangers of celebratory gunfire: ‘Last year a bullet went through my roof’

Dangers of celebratory gunfire: 'Last year a bullet went through my roof'
Photo of bullet hole due to a local celebratory gunfire incident.

Regularly before Independence Day and New Year’s Eve, the Richmond Police Department releases stern warnings against both illegal fireworks and celebratory gunfire.

This week, we were reminded of the dangers of celebratory gunfire by a local resident, who shared images of a bullet hole that she said penetrated her roof.

“Last year a bullet went through my roof… 2 feet from my head,” the reader said, adding, “How about an IMMEDIATE alert reminding Richmond residents that there is zero tolerance for illegal fireworks/gunfire?”

The lesson? Keep your guns in locked safes this year.

And cool it on the illegal fireworks, too: they are dangerous, you can be fined up to $1,000 if you’re caught using them, and they frighten and confuse dogs, according to police. In fact, Contra Costa Animal Services is offering free adoptions right now to clear kennel space, as July 5 is one of the busiest at its shelters.


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