Semi pulled over for ‘blocking all three rail lines’ at Cutting and Carlson


Richmond police pulled over numerous vehicles on Thursday that illegally stopped on the railroad tracks at Cutting and Carlson boulevards — including “a semi-truck operator who stopped with his trailer blocking all three rail lines,” according to police.

The incident occurred during a joint railway safety operation between RPD and the Union Pacific Police Department. The aim was to crack down on drivers stopping on the tracks, which has resulted in collisions in the past due to the close proximity between the tracks and traffic signal.

In May last year, the intersection was closed for several hours due to a collision between a train and truck.

Not only does common sense say it’s not smart to stop your vehicle on railroad tracks , the vehicle code makes it illegal,” police said.

During Thursday’s operation, vehicles breaking that law were stopped, educated and citations and warnings were given, “all in an effort to try and make this rail crossing a little bit safer,” police said.

The operation comes just after Union Pacific rehabilitated the tracks during the Memorial Day weekend.