Community forum to discuss 23rd Street prostitution problem

Upcoming community forum to discuss 23rd Street prostitution problem
On June 27, a community forum involving police and local residents is planned for Veterans Memorial Hall at 968 23rd St.

On June 27, police are inviting local residents to a community forum about the prostitution problem on 23rd Street.

The forum will run from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Veterans Memorial Hall, 968 23rd St.

The Standard receives numerous complaints from local residents about persistent prostitution on 23rd Street. And so you can imagine how often the Richmond Police Department fields them.

Last week, Richmond police Capt Al Walle posted an online notice to residents responding to the concerns and laying out some of the strategies he’s employed to combat the problem.

But community advocates say the Police Department cannot solve the problem alone and that it will require a community effort.

According to an online flier about the June 27 forum, residents are asked to join “a dialogue about the prostitution problem along the 23rd Street corridor and learn how you can be part of the solution.”

The North & East Neighborhood Council announced it would be joining the 23rd Street Community Forum on Prostitution instead of holding its regular meeting at the senior center.

“This is an issue that impacts our neighborhood and we need to work with the police to take back our streets,” the council posted to Facebook.


  1. Why doesn’t the city set up an anonymous hotline and undercover task force to break up the prostitution and trafficking rings in Richmond?