Richmond police: Shooting suspect arrested, guns seized


Separate investigations into shootings in Richmond and Berkeley led to two arrests in Richmond last weekend, police said.

While investigating a shooting at the Stop & Shop Market at 800 Carlson Blvd. that occurred Saturday, May 12, Richmond police identified two vehicles that were possibly involved by watching CCTV surveillance footage. The vehicles were a silver SUV and a black Mercedes.

On Sunday about 11:40 a.m., a Richmond officer located one of the vehicles in a driveway in the 700 block of South 47th Street. At the time, a group of men were in front of a home near the vehicle, police said.

Officers made contact with the men and learned one was on searchable probation. A subsequent search of the car led to the discovery of two loaded Glock firearms (9mm and .40 cal). One of the firearms was loaded with an extended magazine, police said. One of the members of the group was arrested, police said.

Officers checked other vehicles near the residence and located a black Mercedes with major front end damage, and with multiple shell casings, a mask, and marijuana visible through the windows. Detectives were summoned, as they knew the Mercedes matched the description of a vehicle involved in a recent shooting in Berkeley.

Berkeley police responded, took custody of the vehicle, and also went to the Kaiser Hospital about 3 p.m. Sunday to arrest a separate suspect who had walked in with a gunshot wound. That wounded man, identified as William Earl Robinson, 21, is believed to have been connected to the black Mercedes and the Berkeley shooting, police said. He was arrested on suspicion of shooting at an inhabited vehicle, and assault with a firearm on a person, in a Berkeley incident that injured a 27-year-old Berkeley man, according to Berkeleyside.


  1. Here we go again. City council needs to work with police to root out the gang violence and drug dealing. Call in the Feds if they can’t do it alone. Change is long overdue and our residents are growing tired if these persistent issues.

  2. I grew up in Richmond on third and Maine. It’s been crazy ever since. I left when I was 19. Now 43. We need to come together as a people to stop violence. Parents know who they are as well as women who down with the hood life. It’s time to grow so we can live again. We are the true gods and goddesses of the planet.


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