Resident shares Richmond BART garage car vandalism images

Resident shares Richmond BART garage car vandalism images
These vandalism examples occurred Monday, May 14, 2018, according to a victim of the crime.

A Richmond Standard reader says her car was vandalized on the fifth floor of the Richmond BART station parking garage on Monday, May 14, and sent us these photos from two targeted vehicles.

The victim, a West County resident who parks at Richmond BART while she heads to her full-time course-work at Cal State East Bay in Hayward, said it wasn’t the first time her car has been targeted in the garage. She suspects the vandals are juveniles.

“They have delinquents that hang out, cut school, smoke weed in the elevators and vandalize cars of people who are trying to make a living and go to school like myself,” the victim told us.


  1. The BART garage is getting ridiculous. Kids seem to spend every day smoking and drinking in the stairwells, discharging the fire extinguishers, and vandalizing everything in sight.

    Add to that the non-stop drug sales in the plaza outside and it feels like law enforcement has just given up on the whole area.

    It seems that it would take such a small amount of resources to regularly patrol both areas. I don’t understand the complete lack of a police presence.

  2. La camioneta blanca es mia y si lamentablemente eso esta pasando en el bart de richmond la mayoria del tiempo rompen hasta los vidrios de los carros y la gente que trabaja en la entrada solo la ves platicando o en el celular ese dia llegue alrededor de las 6 :45 pm me dirigí al parqueo y encontré mi camioneta toda rayada camine hasta donde se encuentran los botones para comunicarme con la trabajadora del bart y me dijo que la esperara ahi llame ala policia del bart y me salen con que ningún agente se encontraba disponible entonces la trabajadora del bart me comunico con una operadora que me pediria mis datos y en ese dia me regresarian la llamada pero no paso nada lleve mi camioneta con una persona que me ayudaria a limpiarla y tuve que pagar una cantidad alta en ese momento es necesario que se haga algo la gente llega al bart cansada de un dia laboral y no es justo encontrarse con ese tipo de cosas ,aparte pagas por el parqueo y es necesario que ahiga vigilancia espero y este problema se solucione.


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