Richmond police create email address so residents can report sideshows

Richmond police officer struck by car while breaking up sideshow
Photos: Richmond Police Department

The Richmond Police Department is encouraging residents to report drivers who “spin donuts” or are participating in sideshows to a newly created email address,

“Residents can attach photos of the cars or a short video of the incidents, so officers will be able to conduct follow-up investigations,” according to police. “If possible, please provide a photo of the license plate as well.”

Police cautioned residents not to put themselves in a dangerous situation while providing information.

“Drivers of cars ‘spinning donuts’ at intersections endanger the lives of everyone,” police said. “The tires lose roadway traction due to sudden acceleration, which cause the cars to slide. The drivers usually slide the cars in a circular motion and the roadway is left with dark marks from the rubber of the tires. Such driving behavior is illegal, irresponsible and dangerous.”


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