Armed, ski mask-wearing Hercules teen arrested in Richmond

Armed, ski-mask wearing Hercules teen arrested in Richmond
Photo courtesy of the Richmond Police Department

A Richmond police operation targeting recent armed street robberies involving suspects wearing ski masks led to the bust of a 17-year-old Hercules resident seizure of a handgun, police said.

The incident unfolded at about 8:15 p.m. Tuesday, when officers patrolling the area of 13th Street came upon two suspects walking, one of them wearing a ski mask, Richmond police Lt. Felix Tan said.

Officers drove past them, then made a U-turn to contact them, prompting the pair to flee.

“The suspect with the mask ran into the middle of the road,” Tan said. “The officers were trying to determine his direction of flight, while the suspect was trying to see where they were headed. This inadvertently placed the suspect in the middle of the road with the police car driving in circles around him, while he kept running back and forth. After two full circles around the suspect, he finally broke out of the revolution and fled.”

That led officers to exit their car and give chase, and they noticed the suspect was holding his waistband area, leading the cops to believe he may have a gun. After a short foot pursuit, the suspect tried to scale a fence, and during that a firearm and cellphone fell to the ground.

One of the officers caught him and took him into custody. His pockets contained a bag of bullets, police said. The other suspect evaded capture.

Tan praised the officers for showing restraint during the tense chase.

“The department is relieved that no one was hurt from this incident,” Tan said.


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