Richmond’s newest Starbucks to open Monday, Oct. 2


The brand new Starbucks in Richmond’s Marina Bay area is set to open Monday, Oct. 2, according to Stan Anderson, president of the Marina Bay Neighborhood Council.

The new store is located at the Harbor Gate Shopping Center at Marina Bay Parkway and Meeker Avenue. It features a drive-thru and is located just off of Interstate Highway 580.


  1. So what happens to the independent coffee shop that has been there for years?
    Booted out by Starbucks?
    RPA I thought you wanted to control corporate interests!

    I was told that BEN CHOI, RPA council member, demanded this Starbucks. YEs we know he lives in Marina Bay.
    What that shopping center really needs is a GROCERY STORE. I personally like Starbucks too. But what about the independent coffee shop? They’re done now?

  2. You mean Cafe Pascal? They need to step up their game anyway so maybe some competition will incentivize them to do just that. If not, they’ve only themselves to blame. The majority of businesses (yes, even other coffee shops) see an increase in business when a Starbucks opens in their neighborhood.

    • Catherine you must work for Starbucks. Obvious. That is utter BS. It’s common knowledge that they shut out small coffee shops and here’s the evidence. You sound more and more like Donald Trump. Total denial of facts. Oh yeah it’s called Fake News.

  3. Well said Catherine. If you can’t offer the public better food and coffee than Starbucks then I can’t find a tear to shed for you either. I think it’s a good sign for the area that Starbucks would consider locating there let alone build a completely new building to do so.
    And I agree a grocery store is needed. Perhaps Starbucks moving in will encourage someone to put a grocery store in as well. One would think a Trader Joe’s would do well in the Marina. What the Marina really needs is a mini “downtown” shopping area walkable from the main area. I seem to recall that this was once intended somewhere, but I cannot recall the details. I remember Tom Butt talking about this during the approval process for the strip mall where Starbucks is going in.

    • Right. No place to buy groceries. As a resident of Marina Bay, we complain about this all the time. And yes, Catherine, there IS enough demand for it. Why do you think everyone flocks to the CVS for bottled spaghetti sauce?

  4. Starbucks does not believe in competition. The landlord (Nahas) signed a contract with Starbucks that prohibits any other coffee shops. The landlord is evicting Cafe Pascal. Ben Choi is no prigressive.


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