Vincent Park a waterfront gem

Vincent Park a waterfront gem in Richmond

By Zach Chouteau

Every Richmond resident has their own special favorite slice of local waterfront. For this reporter, it’s without a doubt Barbara & Jay Vincent Park at the end of Marina Bay Parkway.

It’s not really one particular element that stands out here, but the fact that the sprawling outdoor space offers so much variety. Younger kids, like my five-year-old son Logan, love the spacious playground area, and the stretches of sandy beach are another highlight. Stroll along and savor the sweeping Bay Area views over the water, and watch cyclists, sailboarders, joggers and fishermen engaged in the haven of outdoor fun.

You can also picnic or grill out here, relax on one of the many pristine lawns or just chill out on a bench and people-watch. Regardless, this six-acre oasis is a nice spot for an alfresco outing and an excellent escape from the bustle of the city’s urban realms.

Find out more at the city’s official park webpage.

Zach Chouteau is a longtime travel writer and editor, and currently blogs about group and family getaways at Pineapple Go.


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